Monday, June 23, 2014

how to develop government schools

  1. Collect fund/donation from local companies and popular figures like Counselor, area inspector, VAO and old students who is well-settled etc.,
  2. Built a shops in big schools and run the school from the shop's rent
  3. Do not allow the private schools permission near to other government schools, that is, all schools must  not have another school in nearest within 5 kms
  4. Convert education district into revenue district so that we can avoid additional expenses of TA will be reduced. for example umachikulam and thirupplai is located in madurai corporation range but DEO of these schools is located in melur, so JA will go oftenly to melur for office correspondence like letter giving, HM's GPF loan application, monthly report statement submission. if we change these schools to madurai DEO we can avoid more TA expenses.
  5. Reduce teachers earnings and develop schools
  6. Like this in some places, Union Elementary/Corp schools and government high schools (GHS) are located in nearly  these two schools have 2 separate HM if we merge these schools we avoid one HM salary additional expenses 
  7. Build a common BIG utility Hall space with all facilities like water, toilets, Power, Furniture, UPS, Generator, Parking, Internet, Computer & Printer for store FREE items, conducting Government meetings, Teachers/Office staff transfer counseling, Paper valuation and trainings.
  8. Common computer data center for dealing all online works and data entry works as centralized data center in each District. by this we can avoid more paper wastage by asking same reports in multiple times
  9. Support staff & teachers by providing more new staff quarters as like in police department.
  10. Jr.Asst will go to bank, treasury, DEO office, CEO office, RMSA & SSA offices oftenly so full TA should given to JA only
  11. Now a days in our government schools, students are

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