G.O’s Details

Sl.No G.O.No & Date Gist of G.O
1 G.O.Ms.No. 33 School Education (C1) department dated 7.3.2013 Provision of Toilet / Drinking water facilities in Schools as per Supreme Court Direction
2 G.O. (ID) No. 54 School Education (X2) department dated 5.3.2013 High level committee constituted to submit report on the status of schools not having minimum land area
3 G.O. Ms.No. 270 School Education (X2) department dated 22.10.2012 Schools infrastructure facilities and safety norms for students.
4 G.O. Ms.No. 60 School Education (X2) department dated 1.4.2013 Implementation of 25% admission for disadvantaged group and weaker section as per Provisions of RTE Act & State Rules 2011
5 G.O. Ms.No. 271 School Education (C2) department dated 25.10.2012 Appointment of Nodal Officers and members at the State and District level for redressal of Grievances of RTE issues.
6 G.O. Ms.No. 131 School Education (P) department dated 10.08.2006 School safety order regarding fire accident.
7 G.O. Ms.No. 181 School Education (C2) department dated 15.11.2011 The Right of Children Free and Compulsory Education Act(RTE)-2009. conducting of Teacher Eligibility Test(TET)-Orders-Issued.
8 G.O. Ms.No. 136 School Education (C2) department dated 12.06.2006 An Act to provide a learning of tamil as one of the subjects in all schools in the state of Tamil nadu.
9 G.O. Ms.No. 104 School Education (U2) department dated 20.04.2012 School Education Rules - Tamil Nadu Tamil Learning Act 2006 - Appoinment of Compietent Authorities under section - 4 -Notification published.
10 G.O.No. 18 School Education (C2) department dated 09.05.2012 Notification or Orders of intrest to a section of the public issued by secretariat Department.
11 G.O. Ms.No. 59 School Education (PL.2) department dated 12.05.2014 School Education - Right of Childeren Free and Compulsory Education Act - 2009 - 25% Reservation for students belonging to Disadvantaged Group/Weaker section in all private non-minority unaided schools including CBSE/ICSE Guideliness issued. Amenoment - issued.
12 G.O. Ms.No. 121 School Education (E1) department dated 17.05.2012 School Education - Right of Childeren Free and Compulsory Education Act - 2009 - 25% Reservation for students belonging to Disadvantaged Group/Weaker section in all private non-minority unaided schools including CBSE/ICSE Guideliness issued. Amenoment - issued.
13 G.O. Ms.No. 204 School Education (C2) department dated 12.12.2011 Order for Education terms and syllabus.
14 G.O. No. 174 School Education (C2) department dated 08.11.2011 ACT - The Right of childeren to free and Compulsary Education Act - 2009 - Notifications Issused.
15 G.O. Ms.No. 28 School Education (V1) department dated 10.02.2010 Notification Issued for differently ability student s for their Examinations.
16 G.O. (1D).No. 249 School Education (GE1) department dated 05.08.2013 School Education - Learning Disability among the students - Issue of Certificate to the Differently abled student - Formation of Comittee - Clarificatory - orders isseued.
17 G.O. No. 2 School Education (V1) department dated 07.02.2012 School Education - Transfer Certificate / Higher Secondary Students/Differently abled dtudent Public Exam Offers- Notification Orders.
18 G.O. No. 268 School Education (V1) department dated 19.10.2012 School Education - Goverment Conducting Public Examination for mentaly disabled Student Offered - Notification Orders.
19 G.O.No.60 School Education (V1) department dated 28.04.2004 School Education - School Student Admission form must have Initial of Mother Name before Student Name - Notification Orders.
20 DMS Proc.No. 4595-a1-2012 dated 10.07.2013 Matriculation Schools / Matriculation Higher Secondary Schools -Rights Free and Compulsary Education individual group for 1st to 8 th standrad Students - Notification Orders.
21 DMS Proc.No. 4595-a1-2012 dated 31.07.13 Matriculation Schools / Matriculation Higher Secondary Schools -Students Admission Strength limitation- Notification Orders.
22 DMS Proc.No. 4295-a1-2012 dated. 27.09.12 Education Department - Private Schools Fees Rules- Notification Orders.
23 DMS Proc.No.4595-a1-2012 dated.9.10.12 Education Department - Controll regarding principle - Notification Orders.
24 DMS Proc.3930 dated. 07.4.10 Education Department - lEARNING eDUCATION IN TAMIL - Notification Orders.
25 DMS Proc. No. 40-b1-2013 dated.16.11.12 Education Department - School Education punishment awareness - Notification Orders.

Scholarship Portals

National Level Talent Search Exam www.ncert .nic.in
Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students (Department of Higher Education); Ministry of Minority Affairs www.scholarship.gov.in
Young Scientists Fellowship Scheme www.tanscst.nic.in
Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A) Scholarship http://dst.gov.in/scientific-programme/women-scientists.htm http://dst.gov.in/scientific-programme/women-scientists.htm
Inspire Faculty Scheme http://inspire-dst.gov.in
State & Central Scheme of Scholarship to students undergoing higher education www.tndce.in/scholarship.asp
Post Matric/Pre Matric and Merit cum means scholarship www.bcmbcmw.tn.gov.in
BC/MBC/Adi Dravidar and aTribal Welfare scholarship system- Tamilnadu http://escholarshipdr.tn.gov.in/scholarship.html
Tamil Nadu Police Centenary Scholarship www.tnpolice.gov.in
UGC- Scholarships/Fellowships and Research Awards www.ugc.ac.in
Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarships for Doctoral Studies http://www.jnmf.in
LIC –Golden Jubilee Scholarship for students belonging to the economically weaker families for pursuing higher studies www.licindia.in
Post graduate Indira Gandhi scholarship for single girl child for PG Programme www.ugc.ac.in/sgc/
Post graduate scholarship for professional courses for SC/ST candidates www.ugc.ac.in/pgsprof/
National scholarship Exam www.nationalscholarshipexam.blogspot.in/
ONGC Scholarships for Meritorious SC/ST students www.ongcindia .com
Adithya Birla Scholarship www.adityabirlascholars.net
Foundation for Excellence Fellowship for higher Education www.ffe.org
National Overseas Scholarship for students with disabilities www/disabilityaffairs.gov.
Central Institute of classical Tamil- Award of Post Doctoral Fellowship www.cict.in
Inspire Fellowship for Pursuing Doctoral Programme in science and Technology www.inspire-dst.gov.in
Young India Fellowship for Postgraduate programme www.youngindiafellowship.com
Prime Minister’s Fellowship scheme for Doctoral Research www.cii.in/jointfellowshipscheme
Central Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students mhrd.gov.in
CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme www.cbse.nic.in/Scholarship/Webpages/Guidelines%20and%20AF.html
Scholarship scheme for Differently Abled www.nhfdc.nic.in/scholarship.html
Scholarship scheme to the children of differently abled persons www.scd.tn.gov.in/schemes/children_assistance.php
Self Employment scheme for differently abled www.tn.gov.in/scheme/data_view/27367
Entrepreneurship Development Institute www.editn.in/

Exam news

  • eilbgwΟs #]‹/#]iy 2016 g¤jh« tF¥ò Áw¥ò Jiz¥  bghJ¤nj®btGj muR¤ nj®Î¤ Jiwahš m¿é¡f¥g£l eh£fëš é©z¥Ã¤j mid¤J jå¤nj®t®fS« (j£fš c£gl)  18.06.2016 m‹W Égfš Kjš www.tngdc.gov.in v‹w Ïizajs¤Â‹ _y« nj®Î¡ Tl EiH΢ Ó£Lfis gÂéw¡f« brŒJ bfhŸsyh«.

  • eilbgwéU¡F« #]‹ / #]iy 2016 g¤jh« tF¥ò Áw¥ò Jiz¤ nj®Î¡fhf mik¡f¥g£l nj®Î ika§fëš nj®Î el¤Jtj‰F njitahd Mtz§fshd Attendance Sheets, Centre wise Nominal Roll, Hall Seating Plan, k‰W« List of Register Number to be pasted on the answer Sheet cover (i.e. Script Cover) M»ait 18.06.2016 Égfš Kjš nj®Î ika Kj‹ik¡ f©fhâ¥ghs®fŸ gÂéw¡f« brŒa m¿ÎW¤j¥g£LŸsJ.

Government Data Centre

Government Data Centre has been processing the results of all the examinations conducted by
 Directorate of Government Examinations.The data processing of examinations are detailed below:
  •             Higher Secondary (+2 Std.) 
  •             SSLC (10th Std.) 
  •              Eight Std. School Leaving Certificate (Direct Eight) 
  •              Rural Talent Search Examination 
                         (State level Scholarship entrance examination by Government of Tamil Nadu) 
  •              Diploma in Teacher Training
                            (Secondary grade teacher training certificate) 
  •              National Talent Search Examination
                             (National level Scholarship examination by Government of India)
  •              National Means Cum Merit Scholarship
                             (State level Scholarship examination sponsored by Government of India)
  •              Technical Examinations
                              (Certificate programs on Dancing, Art, Music, etc.)   
Apart from the post examination processing, Government Data Centre is doing the following work related to all examinations

  •            Issue of revised certificate for re-totaling/revaluation effected candidates
  •            Generation of Statistical particulars as and when required by the Government Examinations

The massive processing of examination work was done only with the help of modern inhouse facilities and existing man power,adhering to the schedule dates with utmost care and maintaining confidentiality.    

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