Thursday, May 8, 2014

Salary bill preparation procedures

1.       Paybill preparation calculation
2.       Printed documents received
3.       Separate original and OC
4.       Form100 shall add first for salary and arrear bills
5.       Arrange copies in order, HM seal & stitch
6.       For GPF, CPS & IT all 3 copies should be attached
7.       Entry these bills separately for HM and teachers in MTC 70 Register
8.       Write Net amount only in words in red ink
9.       Write pattiyal number , seal DO code & treasury in form100
10.   Write GO number & date in TNTC form 47
11.   Bill contains
a.       form100
b.      TNTC form 47
c.       Enfacement slip
d.      Pay statement
e.      Pagewise dues abstract
f.        Annexure
g.       ECS data report
12.   Enfacement sheet – mugappu chettu & long form 47 (manual write) should be added in arrear bill
13.   IN Upper side rupees in words should be +1
14.   All pages are initialed by JA before HM sign

1.       write payment
2.       HM seal sign
3.       Account head

New joining salary bill:
1.       In first month salary, it must include joining order, joining report, DEO proceedings, scale register entry letter,
2.       should be deduct FPF compulsory even for 1 day also
3.       SPF deduct after 1 year of regularisation
4.       Bank A/c PB copy
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