Disadvantages of Government jobs in India

  1. The pay scales in government jobs are less than the private sector. If you are a fresher and got government job then you salary will be less compared to the one who has joined private sector.
  2. There are less career opportunities and growth in government job. Many people join at one post and retire from the same post after working for 30 years or more than that.
  3. Government jobs are less challenging than the private jobs.
  4. Less creativity and sincerity towards work has been seen in government jobs in India that makes the job very boring and mundane.
  5. Less incentives and increments are associated with government jobs in India.
  6. Less and only specific job opportunity.
  7. need to wait 10 years at least to get govt quarters in good cities  
  8. govt never sends u on paid trips to singapore or malaysia

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