Sunday, September 3, 2017


dengue has emerged as a critical threat to public health globally.  Today dengue fever ranks as the most important mosquito borne viral disease.  Dengue fever can be reduced by implementing daily dynamic hospital and lab based fever surveillance and response, integrated vector management, interdepartmental coordination and effective community involvement.      As you are already aware that the Government is critically reviewing the occurrence of fever cases on daily basis, you are requested to take effective steps to control aedes mosquito breeding and fever control  in your Office.   All Government buildings  have to be cleaned up in three days time in such a way that there are no debris, unused containers and breeding sources in the building and premises.  All Government staff should be thoroughly oriented on Aedes control.  NSS, NCC and other student units should also be fully involved in awareness creation.   In this regard,  during which all staff / people should remove all the unused containers / potential breeding sources like tyres, plastics, coconut shells, paint tins etc and ensure that water containers / OHTs/ Syntex tanks/sumps are closed in mosquito proof manner. In addition,  water chlorination should be ensured so that occurrence of all fever cases will come down.  All the pipeline leakages to be repaired.  All the Private tanker lorry water suppliers should be checked for source and chlorine. 

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