Wednesday, November 29, 2017

donote tamil books for international library

15.06.2017m‹W  eilbg‰w jäœehL r£l¥nguit¡ T£l¤Âš kh©òäF gŸë¡ fšé¤Jiw mik¢r® mt®fŸ flš flªJ thG« jäH®fS¡F  cæ® ehoahŒ és§F« jäœ Ehšfis, Ehyf§fS¡F  tH§FtJ vd m¿é¥ò btëæ£LŸsh®fŸ.  
                        Ï›tifæš Kj‰f£lkhf kh©òäF  Kjyik¢r®  mt®fë‹ Miz¥go, ahœ¥ghz¤Âš cŸs bghJ Ehyf¤Â‰F«, knyah gšfiy¡ fHf¤Â‰F« bghJk¡fëläUªJ xU y£r« mça EhšfŸ bfhilahf bg‰W  jhŒ ãy¤J j䜢 brhªj§fŸ rh®Ãš tH§f¥gL« vd bjçé¤JŸsh®.  Ï›t¿¥ig brayh¡f« jU«tifæš  mªjªj  kht£l Kj‹ik¡fšé mYty®fŸ rh®Ãš 750 Áwªj jäœ EhšfisÍ«, kht£l¡fšé mYty®fŸ 750 Áwªj jäœ EhšfisÍ«, bghJ k¡fëläUªJ  Âu£o më¡FkhW  Mizæl¥g£LŸsJ.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ILANTHALIR - Children’s Festival

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from Kalai Aayam Foundation!!

Kalai Aayam Foundation was formed with the aim to Identify, Nourish, Educate, Promote & Propagate the rich and diverse Art Forms of our Country in every possible way.

To create awareness about our Country’s rich cultural heritage among the Children and to provide a platform for them to showcase their Talents, Kalai Aayam Foundation & Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) have proposed to organise ILANTHALIR ‘2017 - Children’s Festival in connection with the Children’s Day & World Heritage Week Celebrations from 27.11.17 to 01.12.17 at South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur.

This event is organised with the support from South Zone Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & Department of Art and Culture, Govt. of Tamilnadu.

Several Competitions on Performing Arts are to be conducted for the Children between 8 Years and 17 Years in 2 Levels as enclosed. Heritage Lecture, Handicraft Demonstration, Games & Cultural programs were specially arranged for the Students. Ilanthalir Award of Excellence will be given to the winners in each category and certificates to all the participants

We request your kind help in taking this message to the Schools across the District under your jurisdiction & encourage the Students to join us in saving our Traditions for our Future.

Expecting your kind co-operation and support.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Hon. Secretary
Ilanthalir 2017 Poster.jpg

letter model

Henri Tiphagne
State Representative for RTE in Tamil Nadu of the
National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
(Executive Director – People’s Watch & Institute of Human Rights Education

The Principal Secretary,
School Education Department,         
Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai
Dear Madam/ Sirs,
Dear Directors of Schools Education, Elementary education, Matriculation, DTERT, all CEOs, all DEOs, all IMS and all District Collectors
Greetings from the Office of the Special Representative on RTE in Tamilnadu of the National Commission on Protection of Child Rights!
Subject: Passing on – Orders of the Central Information Commission, New Delhi - All mandated information mentioned in Section 4, in hard copy at all school premises for the benefit of the beneficiary community - Will be of immense help in ensuring transparency and accountability of the functioning of schools – Orders for strict adherence to the same to be issued by the relevant departments - Regarding
As the Special Representative of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights [NCPCR] I have the pleasure of sharing with you a recent order of the Central Information Commission, New Delhi [CIC] in relation to mandated information mentioned in Section 4 of the RTI 2005, in hard copy at all school premises for the benefit of the beneficiary community stating that it will be of immense help in ensuring transparency and accountability of the functioning of schools. You are kindly requested to go through the orders and ensure that orders are also further issued to all schools under your jurisdiction to adhere to the same in all schools.
The speaking order of the CIC reads as follows:
In view of the aforesaid and from the facts before it, the Commission under the powers vested in it by section 19 (8) (a) of the RTI act, hereby directs the following:
The Following categories of documents shall be available for inspection from the last working day of October 2011, pertaining to each particular school for the on-going academic session:
a. Admission records
b. Students’ attendance records
c.   Teachers’ attendance records
d. Budget Allocations, Sanction issued and Expenditure incurred
e. Expenditure on Educational Tours, Mid Day Meals, V.K.S/SMC, Sanitation, 
f.     Records of disbursements made to students on account of Scholarships, Uniforms, Books, and all other incentives given under any scheme.
g. Copies of Circulars/Notifications/Orders received from Directorate of Education & other Departments/Authorities from time to time, which are available with the concerned school.
h. Various Registers like inspection Register, Visitor Register, Movement Register and Complaint File

1.  All schools of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will have the above noted documents/registers available for inspection by citizens on the last working day of each month, from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM for First/Morning/General Shift and 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM for the Second/Evening shift schools respectively. This information regarding inspection timings shall be available on the notice boards of all schools.

2.  A sign board of appropriate dimension shall be installed, mentioning the Name(s), designation(s), contact details including the office address/room number, as the case may be who can be contacted for inspecting records including the inspection timings as mentioned in point 1 above. No acronym/abbreviation should be used.  This information shall be inscribed in Hindi and shall be installed at a location having maximum public view at the concerned school. The same shall also be published on the website of the Corporation also.

 I wish that proper instructions are issued in this regard at your end. I also wish that you appreciate such matters being brought to your kind concern by me in my capacity as the SR on RTE of the NCPCR for the state of Tamilnadu.  
A one word in reply will be greatly appreciated.
With kind regards and best wishes,
Henri Tiphagne,
SR on RTE of the NCPCR for the state of Tamilnadu

Addressed to:
1.  Ms. Sabitha IAS The Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai
2.  Mr. P. Mani, Director of School Education, Chennai, (, Fax: 2567 6388
3.   Mr. A. Shankar, Director of Elementary School Education, Chennai ( and Fax: 044 - 28217583
4.  Mrs. T.H. Chenthamizh Selvi, Director Matriculation Education, Chennai ( and Phone No.044-28270169
5.  Mr. Devarajan, Director, DTERT, Chennai (
6.  All CEOs, Government of Tamil Nadu
7.  All DEEOs, Government of Tamil Nadu
8.  All Inspectors of Matriculation Schools in Tamil Nadu
9.  All District Collectors

Sunday, November 12, 2017

ESLC exam 2018




           Applications are invited for admission to the Eighth Standard Public Examination (Private study) to be held in  January 2018 only from  Private  Candidates  who have  completed 12\   years of    age    as  on 01.01.2018

          Applications can be uploaded through online at the nodal centres mentioned in the website from 15.11.2017 to 25.11.2017 (except sunday)
          Candidates those who have not applied on the above mentioned dates, can apply under tatkal scheme from 27.11.2017 to 29.11.2017 by paying the prescribed fees with additional amount of Rs.500/-

The Examination fee of Rs.125/- and also online application Registration fee Rs.50/- Total Rs.175/- to be  paid at the Nodal Centres by the candidate directly.

1.For Direct Private Candidates (First time):
* Transfer Certificate (Xerox copy) / Record Sheet (Xerox copy) /
* Birth Certificate (Xerox copy) (Any one
2. Already applied and failed, Now applying for failed subjects:
      * Previous appearances-photo copy of certificates.
           The candidates mentioned in Sl.No.1 and 2 should enclose a
           Self-Addressed cover with Stamp Rs.42/-

   By paying the fees amount of Rs.175/-:  25.11.2017 at 05:00 pm.

    By paying the fees amount of Rs.175/-:  29.11.2017 at 05:00 pm.
    + Rs.500/- Total:Rs.675/-
          List of Nodal Centres & Candidate’s Instruction is available in website

Dated :  11.11.2017                                                                           
jäœehL muR

muR¤ nj®ÎfŸ Ïa¡ff«, br‹id -600 006

jå¤nj®t®fS¡fhd v£lh« tF¥ò bghJ¤ nj®Î, #dtç 2018


1.     M‹iy‹  _y« é©z¥g§fis tunt‰wš
            #dtç 2018-« M©oš eilbgwΟs jå¤ nj®t®fS¡fhd v£lh« tF¥ò bghJ¤nj®é‰F 01.01.2018 m‹W 12 1/2 taJ ó®¤Â milªj jå¤ nj®t®fŸ  15.11.2017  Kjš 25.11.2017 tiu (Phæ‰W¡»Hik jéu) v‹w Ïizajs¤Âš F¿¥Ã£LŸs nrit ika§fS¡F  (Nodal Centre)-¡F neçš br‹W on line  _y« gÂÎ brŒJ bfhŸsyh«.
            nk‰fh© eh£fëš é©z¥Ã¡f¤ jt¿at®fŸ Áw¥ò mDk £l¤Â‹ Ñœ (Tatkal Scheme) 27.11.2017 (§f£»Hik) Kjš 29.11.2017 (òj‹»Hik) tiu Ñœ¡F¿¥Ã£LŸs nj®Î¡f£lz¤Jl‹ TLjyhf %.500/- brY¤Â é©z¥Ã¡fyh« vdΫ m¿é¡f¥gL»wJ.  ÏJjéu ÛsΫ Áw¥ò mDk¤ £l¤Â‹ Ñœ é©z¥Ã¡f thŒ¥ò ju¥gl kh£lhJ.
2.    nj®Î¡ f£lz  étu«
            é©z¥g¤Jl‹ nj®Î¡ f£lz« %.125/- k‰W« M‹iy‹ gÂΡ f£lz« %.50/-bkh¤j« %.175/-I gzkhf nrit ika§fëš neuoahf brY¤jyh«.
3.    é©z¥g¤Jl‹ Ïiz¡f¥glnt©oait

1.     Kj‹Kiwahf nj®btGj é©z¥Ã¥gt®fŸ

(m) é©z¥gjhu®fŸ M‹iy‹ é©z¥g¤Jl‹ j§fsJ  gŸë       
      kh‰W¢ rh‹¿jœ efš /  gÂΤjhŸ efš /  Ãw¥ò¢ rh‹¿jœ efš
      Ït‰¿š  VnjD« x‹¿id Ïiz¤J rk®¥Ã¡f nt©L«.

2.    V‰fdnt v£lh« tF¥ò bghJ¤nj®btG njhšéailªj ghl¤ij nj®btGj é©z¥Ã¥gt®fŸ

(m) V‰fdnt nj®btG bg‰w kÂ¥bg© rh‹¿jê‹/rh‹¿jœfë‹ efšfis f©o¥ghf Ïiz¤J rk®¥Ã¡f nt©L«.

           * t.v©.1 k‰W« 2š F¿¥Ãl¥g£l jå¤nj®t®fŸ %.42-¡fhd mŠrš éšiy   x£l¥g£l, RaKftçæ£l ciw x‹W é©z¥g¤Jl‹ Ïiz¤J  rk®¥Ã¡f  nt©L«.
4.    M‹iy‹ _y« bgw¥gL« é©z¥g§fŸ k£Lnk V‰W¡bfhŸs¥gL«.  jghš _y« bgw¥gL« é©z¥g§fŸ ãuhfç¡f¥gL«.

5.    Ϥnj®é‰fhd éçthd jftšfis v‹w Ïizajs¤Âš fhzyh«.

6.    nrit ika§fŸ _y« é©z¥Ã¡f filÁ ehŸ

%.175/- nj®Î¡ f£lz« brY¤Â
25.11.2017 m‹W khiy   5.00 kâ tiu  
%.175/- + %.500/- bkh¤j« %.675/- brY¤Â é©z¥Ã¡f filÁ ehŸ 
29.11.2017  khiy 5.00 kâ tiu

br‹id-600 006
ehŸ: 11 .11.2017

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