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G.O’s Details

Sl.No G.O.No & Date Gist of G.O
1 G.O.Ms.No. 33 School Education (C1) department dated 7.3.2013 Provision of Toilet / Drinking water facilities in Schools as per Supreme Court Direction
2 G.O. (ID) No. 54 School Education (X2) department dated 5.3.2013 High level committee constituted to submit report on the status of schools not having minimum land area
3 G.O. Ms.No. 270 School Education (X2) department dated 22.10.2012 Schools infrastructure facilities and safety norms for students.
4 G.O. Ms.No. 60 School Education (X2) department dated 1.4.2013 Implementation of 25% admission for disadvantaged group and weaker section as per Provisions of RTE Act & State Rules 2011
5 G.O. Ms.No. 271 School Education (C2) department dated 25.10.2012 Appointment of Nodal Officers and members at the State and District level for redressal of Grievances of RTE issues.
6 G.O. Ms.No. 131 School Education (P) department dated 10.08.2006 School safety order regarding fire accident.
7 G.O. Ms.No. 181 School Education (C2) department dated 15.11.2011 The Right of Children Free and Compulsory Education Act(RTE)-2009. conducting of Teacher Eligibility Test(TET)-Orders-Issued.
8 G.O. Ms.No. 136 School Education (C2) department dated 12.06.2006 An Act to provide a learning of tamil as one of the subjects in all schools in the state of Tamil nadu.
9 G.O. Ms.No. 104 School Education (U2) department dated 20.04.2012 School Education Rules - Tamil Nadu Tamil Learning Act 2006 - Appoinment of Compietent Authorities under section - 4 -Notification published.
10 G.O.No. 18 School Education (C2) department dated 09.05.2012 Notification or Orders of intrest to a section of the public issued by secretariat Department.
11 G.O. Ms.No. 59 School Education (PL.2) department dated 12.05.2014 School Education - Right of Childeren Free and Compulsory Education Act - 2009 - 25% Reservation for students belonging to Disadvantaged Group/Weaker section in all private non-minority unaided schools including CBSE/ICSE Guideliness issued. Amenoment - issued.
12 G.O. Ms.No. 121 School Education (E1) department dated 17.05.2012 School Education - Right of Childeren Free and Compulsory Education Act - 2009 - 25% Reservation for students belonging to Disadvantaged Group/Weaker section in all private non-minority unaided schools including CBSE/ICSE Guideliness issued. Amenoment - issued.
13 G.O. Ms.No. 204 School Education (C2) department dated 12.12.2011 Order for Education terms and syllabus.
14 G.O. No. 174 School Education (C2) department dated 08.11.2011 ACT - The Right of childeren to free and Compulsary Education Act - 2009 - Notifications Issused.
15 G.O. Ms.No. 28 School Education (V1) department dated 10.02.2010 Notification Issued for differently ability student s for their Examinations.
16 G.O. (1D).No. 249 School Education (GE1) department dated 05.08.2013 School Education - Learning Disability among the students - Issue of Certificate to the Differently abled student - Formation of Comittee - Clarificatory - orders isseued.
17 G.O. No. 2 School Education (V1) department dated 07.02.2012 School Education - Transfer Certificate / Higher Secondary Students/Differently abled dtudent Public Exam Offers- Notification Orders.
18 G.O. No. 268 School Education (V1) department dated 19.10.2012 School Education - Goverment Conducting Public Examination for mentaly disabled Student Offered - Notification Orders.
19 G.O.No.60 School Education (V1) department dated 28.04.2004 School Education - School Student Admission form must have Initial of Mother Name before Student Name - Notification Orders.
20 DMS Proc.No. 4595-a1-2012 dated 10.07.2013 Matriculation Schools / Matriculation Higher Secondary Schools -Rights Free and Compulsary Education individual group for 1st to 8 th standrad Students - Notification Orders.
21 DMS Proc.No. 4595-a1-2012 dated 31.07.13 Matriculation Schools / Matriculation Higher Secondary Schools -Students Admission Strength limitation- Notification Orders.
22 DMS Proc.No. 4295-a1-2012 dated. 27.09.12 Education Department - Private Schools Fees Rules- Notification Orders.
23 DMS Proc.No.4595-a1-2012 dated.9.10.12 Education Department - Controll regarding principle - Notification Orders.
24 DMS Proc.3930 dated. 07.4.10 Education Department - lEARNING eDUCATION IN TAMIL - Notification Orders.
25 DMS Proc. No. 40-b1-2013 dated.16.11.12 Education Department - School Education punishment awareness - Notification Orders.


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AEEO - Assistant Elementary Educational Officer
ARS - Arrears of Subscription
AHM - Assistant Head Master
ASTPF - Aided School Teachers Provident Fund
ABL - Activity Based Learning
ALM - Active Learning Method
AO - Accounts Officer
AG - Accountant General
AIS - All India Service

BPL - Below Poverty Line
BRC - Block Resource Center
BEC - Block Education Committee
BDO - Block Development Officer

CPS - Contributory Pension Scheme
CSD - Coverwise Script Detail
CTT - Collegiate Teachers Certificate
CMNNP - Chief Minister Nutritious Noon Meal Programme
CL - Casual Leave
CAPE - Comprehensive Access to Primary Education
CRC - Cluster Resource Center
CR - Completion Rate
CAL - Computer Aided Learning
CTC - Continuing Education

DR - Dropout rate
DEO - District Educational Officer
DEEO -  District Elementary Educational Officer
DA  -Dearness Allowance
DDO - Drawing & Disb…