Wednesday, April 27, 2016

cashier post in Head office

Advantages of cashier post :
  1.  We can arrange one common cashier for revenue dist at ceo/deo office to collect the following fees in single location 
  2. so can money directly send to government account in that day also without any delay
  3. No option for theft or cheating or use government money using private rotation by individual staff
  4. Reduce DD taking time, paper and letter correspondences
  5. This avoid concern section clerk collect extra money or use it for personnel and pay it later to government account
  6. This system avoid, HM's travelling to pay various fees to various offices and concentrate in students exam and studies
  7. This avoid third party tuition centers can charge more money from rural uneducated students/peoples for exam as private candidates

Types of fee collection doing now in DEO/CEO offices: 

 Exam fees
  1.  XII , SSLC, VIII June & March Exam Private Online Application fee collection
  2. SSLC Science practical exam fee collection
  3. XII , SSLC, VIII June & March Exam Private Tatkal Online Application fee collection
  4. HSC & SSLC Regular Exam & TML  fee collection
  5. TRB/TET Application form selling
  6. Duplicate Marksheet fee collection (Rs.505 per Marksheet)
  7. SSLC & HSC Retotaling Fee collection
  8. SSLC & HSC Revaluation Fee collection
  9. HSC paper scan copy Fee collection
  10. NTS  Exam Online Application fee collection
  11. NMMSS  Exam Online Application fee collection
  12. Financial Literacy Exam fee collection (Rs.50 per student )
  13. Trust Exam Fee collection (Rural talent exam)
  14. I to IX & XI std Question paper Fee collection (Rs.50 per student )

    Other fees
  15. PTA Fee collection (Rs.50 per student & Teacher)
  16. EM / Computer Course Fee collection (Rs.200 per student )
  17. Free Items transport charges distribution 
  18. Special Fee Refund collection
  19. 5types of Flag charges  collection (Rs.5 per student per flag )

fee To be collected for below in future to increase government income
  1. Genuineness fee - in DIET and all Universities, Candidates For Getting The genuineness Certificate a fee of Rs.500/- has to be paid for degree genuineness certificate (
  2. Exam Center Apply fee
  3. SR attested copy fee
  4. Relinquish fee in transfer counselling

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