Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ValuatiOn Camp prOblems

  1. NO One school can interest  Or accept for Valuation Camp Center, because no contingency for school and it requires more electricity, and valued answer papers are kept more than 3 years
  2. Government teachers are not interested in paper Valuation because of low remuneration
  3. Matric school teachers are not come due to management pressure
  4. camp clerk was beg each school to come exam supervisor duty
  5. camp examiners remuneration comes first because teachers will not be affected at anycost but camp contingency will order will came late which is required first fr starting camp
  6. No one can have boldness  take actin against govt order not obeyed teachers

Camp Pre works :
  1. Prepare private candidates subject wise
  2. Prepare private candidates science practical absent list
  3. Subject wise teachers list
  4. association, VIP(hm wife, bishop, fathers) and Health problem staff list

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